My name is Fero and I am the coordinator and responsible for Espacio Eventual.

Many years ago we started as a florist and were attending as hotels and catering providers to multiple events to decorate spaces. Immediately I began to notice that the event staff of hotels were doing the job very strictly and rigidly but without any real support to the couple ...

By hiring wedding they were informing you on menu, services (usually inflexible), schedules, etc. Once the day of the event arrived, they sat guests at tables and soon went away. The bride and groom were in no man's land. During the banquet the maitre was in charge at the open bar, the bar manager, but there was not a trusted person hroughout the event to solve them anything they may needed.

Five years ago we started to devote to organizing events and accompany the couples throughout the process of wedding preparation.

We are ready to meet up, we are always available, negotiate prices and make every wedding is personal, different, original, funny, romantic or prefer it as its protagonists.
When the day of the event arrives, we are present at all times; after delivery of the bouquet, until they go to sleep. We coordinate all providers and services and we are hanging on every detail.

At a wedding organized by Espacio Eventual there is always a member of our team closely to solve any problem; there is a little light?, music too loud ?, food takes for ages to come? Can’t find your purse? do not know where the kids are?, a guest is vegan and they forgot comment? ... And long endless requests we always try to effectively address and resolve for everyone to enjoy the celebration.

On this page you will not find standardized information. Each celebration is for us something unique and very personal, regardless of the budget that you have obtained.

Tell us your idea and for sure we find the formula to achieve it. And if you need inspiration Count On Us!  together we define the wedding of your dreams. We will work to make you feel a real host, not a guest.

For us it is a real pleasure when the couple cannot find words to thank the unforgettable moments that we have helped create.

From here I invite you to know us and trust us to organize your wedding or event. See what you need with no obligation.

We look forward to hearing from you!.


Thanks for visiting us.